I use the privacy-respecting Matomo tracker on this website to gather metrics on interest and usage. This data is purely for my own analysis and I never share it with anyone, either privately or commercially. As of March 28th, 2023, I have not received any requests from any government or commercial entity, law-enforcement agency, or any other party to share any of my tracking data.

My main purpose for doing this is, as this is a personal blog that I deliberately construct so as to be of interest to potential employers, is to get a little heads up that someone might be interested in my work - similar to getting a LinkedIn profile view notification.

Matomo records your browser type and version, approximate location, IP address, operating system, screen resolution, and number of visits. It assigns a unique ID number to each visitor based on these data points. Data points are subject to manipulation by your browser (ie, I respect user agent switchers, proxies/VPNs, TOR, etc).

I urge you to read more about Matomo’s tracking techniques on their website, and to study its source code.

I am more than happy to indulge requests to see data that I have collected. To process these, send me an email at Verification of your identity will, by necessity, have to take place on a case-by-case basis.

Matomo respects your browser’s “Do Not Track” setting and I do not see any visits logged from browsers that have DNT enabled. There is also a cookie-based opt-out below: